As a service company our CEO believes that in order to distinguish ourselves from others we have to offer a higher level of service and quality than our competitors. That means we are as successful as the employees that we hire. Our philosophy is to hire the best. We knew we needed something in addition to an interview to help us during the evaluation process of internal and external candidates. We selected Axiom’s DISC behavioral profile to assist us in identifying the natural behavior of candidates. DISC has provided us with the ability to determine if the candidate is a fit to our position and company culture. This ensures we are selecting the best for our positions and service culture. Before we implemented Axiom DISC behavioral profiles it was a shot in the dark if this person would be a “good fit”. We are now confident that we are making much better hiring selections with the analysis we receive from a DISC profile. By training hiring managers on DISC we have created a whole new language and understanding of behavior traits within our company. We laugh and say that must be the D in me or the S in me. It is a valuable tool.

VP Human Resources National Retail Services Company

It’s been almost 10 years now since I was first introduced to the DISC assessment tool through Greg Magennis and it has been one of the most valuable business tools and relationships I have made in my career.
Greg is thoroughly knowledgeable with DISC and is able to train and convey the concepts simply and powerfully. Now, with Axiom, a powerful online fulfillment solution, the service his company provides is complete.
If you’re looking for some added strength in understanding personnel and behavioral dynamics, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Axiom, DISC Self-Assessment, and Greg Magennis.

President Farms & National Foods Company

“We are happy with the service and have found that your group is extremely responsive (in fact often proactive) in dealing with us. Thank you for your help.”

HR Manager National Financial Services Company

Working with Greg and his team at Axiom can best be described as dealing with a team who is fully committed, dedicated and professional in everything that they do. We have been using the Axiom products for over 14 years and have only received positive feedback from our clients in terms of practical application to building stronger teams and client relationships. These tools are highly recommended.

President & CEO International Change Management Company.