Our Philosophy

Einstein wrote “Intuition does not come to an unprepared mind”.

We believe that in order to fully understand the value of the people we lead in our organizations, we need to invest the time and care in assessing, analyzing, and mapping the unique strengths and challenges that each individual brings to the table.

When we have this deeper perspective we can factually articulate the way we are currently deploying people in relation to their jobs and teams, and ask these tough business questions.

  • How well utilized is each person in my organization?
  • What clarity do they have in terms of the direction the business is heading?
  • What is the quality of our relationship to our people, and they in turn to our clients and stakeholders?
  • What is “in it” for them based on what we are asking them to perform?
  • What level of empowerment exists for each person and collectively?
  • What are our people learning and are they developing?
  • How fairly are we treating and compensating them?
  • What kind of leadership are we offering them and are they exhibiting?
  • What is the ROI for our organization and for our people as an indicator of long term health?
    • The more confident leaders are that they have “the right people in the right jobs”, the more regularly they “assess engagement levels”, the more they “examine their own leadership”, the better they “drive their own engagement”, and the more they “coordinate their efforts with other leaders”, the better chance they have to create a healthy, sustainable, and resilient enterprise.