People Assessment & Analysis

“A lights on versus lights off approach that examines the whole person.”

We believe in a “whole person” approach to assessment that considers as many aspects of an individual as possible in relationship to the work they perform, the people they work with, the leader to whom they report, and the environment in which the work is done.

Whether it is for recruitment or development purposes a well constructed assessment process is essential.

Our approach requires both the individual and the organization to be prepared, clear on the expectations they each have, and in agreement on what success and/or exceptional performance looks like. When this happens, good decisions can be made within insight by both parties and productive, fulfilling relationships result.

We leverage technology wherever possible to ensure that the assessment experience and delivery of results is exceptional.

Our goal is to ensure a high level of confidence in the application and use of assessments, paying specific attention to North American guidelines laid down by the governing bodies.