Personality, Cognitive & Attitudes Assessments

In addition to evaluating behavioral preference, we add a further perspective to eliminate some of the bias associated with a singular view.


The assessment is built upon the well-accepted “Big 5” concept of core personality traits and also includes a “Teamwork” scale as well as a “Good Impression” scale. These core personality traits are measured with a 70-item assessment.


There is little question among personnel psychologists that cognitive ability—the ability to process and retain information quickly—is a necessary skill that transcends most jobs. For most jobs there is a range of cognitive ability associated with on-the-job success; a higher level of cognitive ability is not necessarily associated with job success. What matters is the fit with the requirements of the job.


The Attitude Assessment measures six areas of potentially counterproductive behaviors by a self-descriptive inventory that taps six substantive areas of concern as well a Good Impression (validity) scale.


The Engagement Assessment looks at the level of engagement with the job and the organization, a key measure in establishing levels of motivation and commitment.