Relationship Assessments

Behavior, Team, and Relationship Assessment

Insights into the way in which people will behave in a work environment are invaluable. assessmentHaving technology to accelerate this insight is one of the major benefits of the current online and software capabilities available.

We use a work style or behavior assessment tool for use in personal development, recruitment and training. Based on internationally established assessment theory, it gives powerful insight into an individual’s prevalent behavioral characteristics. Compared to other profiling systems, it is more revealing, delivers more sophisticated results, and is more cost effective.

You will learn things that you don’t already know, quickly and comfortably…

The questionnaire takes only 10 minutes to complete, online or on paper.
The easily understood and comprehensive report provides a detailed analysis.

An individual profile helps you learn more about:

  • Personal characteristics – in communication, interpersonal skills, decision making, organization and planning.
  • Motivations – that drive commitment and engagement.
  • Behavioral advantages and disadvantages – to make the most of strengths and identify potential weaknesses.
  • Management guidelines – both how the individual is likely to perform in a management role and how their manager may have to adapt to get the best from them.
  • Career suitability – against tested templates for a wide variety of positions and roles, or custom templates built specifically for your organization.
  • Relationship management – to assess the compatibility and perceptions underlying the interactions between two people.

The result:

clear, objective information for better decision making.

For individuals, it is a simple to use tool that can help

  • develop personal insight
  • identify training needs
  • make career decisions
  • clarify team and other workplace issues
The report comes with detailed information and a guide to help you interpret the information. Even more help is available online. Our professional team are also available for individual coaching, or to develop and facilitate group learning sessions.

For an organization, it provides powerful, objective information to help with

  • Selection and Orientation – determine a candidate’s fit into a position, team, or assessment2organizational culture, then plan for successful integration.
  • Training and Development – assess specific skills, identify training needs, compliment with a 360 assessment, or focus coaching on specific strengths and weaknesses.
  • Performance Management – identify the factors that underlie challenging behavior on the job, assess different improvement strategies, and guide managerial intervention.
  • Career and Succession Planning – assess suitability for specific roles and positions (based on provided templates or templates custom prepared for your organization), identify likely “fits” amongst current employees, or compliment with mentoring efforts.
  • Team Development – analyse team dynamics, assess team strengths and weaknesses, and examine leadership issues within a team.