TED* The Empowerment Dynamic

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TED* is a deceptively simple, yet powerful approach to navigating our personal and professional challenges in a positive way.
Learn the immediately applicable frameworks, tools & techniques, that make up The Power of TED* and begin using them in making “shift happen” in your work and life.

We explore:

  • The Dreaded Drama Triangle (DDT) and how the roles and mindsets of Victim,
    Persecutor and Rescuer keep us stuck in non-productive patterns.
  • How The Empowerment Dynamic* (*TED) creates more powerful roles as alternatives to those found in the DDT.
  • Key differences between a problem-focused & reactive orientation versus one that is outcome-centered and passion driven.
  • How to harness the Dynamic Tension framework as a simple way to create the outcomes you want.
  • The “Seven Daily Practices” for integrating The Power of TED* into everyday life.

You develop the ability to:

  • Identify your own patterns and the roles you play.
  • Recognize roles that others play.
  • Begin to make the shift between the orientations and make small steps to manifest powerful results in your work and life.