Weave The People

If your company gets together on a quarterly or annual basis and you want to maximize the ROI of your time together then conducting a “Weave” is one of the most powerful ways to prepare and have your people completely present and engaged for the time they are together and beyond.

“Preparation Precedes Performance”.

A fantastic tool that has allowed our company to collaborate in a more accelerated fashion across geographies, sales forces, and home office business functions” Kim, Abbott Labs

“Our Weave was a great ice-breaker, it was easier for everyone to engage and stay connected after the meeting was over. We appreciate the ability to view our business and culture.” Byron, Beam Global.

  • Build Excitement – Get people excited about what is important before they meet.Weavepeople
  • Shape the Conversation – Provide topics to talk about to encourage meaningful dialogue.
  • Engage People – Show attendees they are seen and their voice is being heard.
  • Bring Data to Life – Make survey data accessible in easy and effective ways.