We Help Find The You The Purple Squirrel

Retained Recruiting

We Help Find The You The Purple Squirrel

Retained Recruiting

by Ax482dal
We follow a thorough analytically informed process to find and secure the best fit candidate/s available. After more than two decades of experience and hundreds of successfully completed searches, we know how to find and secure the best candidates and help you achieve your talent acquisition goals

It is our mission to enhance an organization's value through finding the perfect candidate. How are we doing this? By finding and securing the best fit candidate/s available.


Prior to her role at Axiom, she held Senior HR positions in government, quasi government, private sector. She is a certified practitioner in a number of psychometric behavioral assessment tools used for recruiting and development.


She is a Certified Human Resource Professional (CHRP). As a graduate of the University of Manitoba, Lisa holds two degrees; A Bachelor of Education and a Bachelor of Physical Education.

Lisa Magennis

Lisa’s passion is recruiting and she’s recruited corporately in numerous industries such as: wealth management, hospitality, justice, property/facility management, healthcare, etc. Finding the “right fit” with company and candidate is not an easy task, but Lisa enjoys working with companies to help them source and hire the best talent for them. She prides herself on “finding the right person for the right job, the first time around!” Engaging people in jobs that they are “aligned with” is good business practice. Providing candidates and companies with a “high-touch” experience is Axiom’s commitment.


Lisa’s achievements are the direct result of her hard work, professionalism, and her ability to maximize organizational effectiveness by setting key objectives and executing on them.